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Rust Server Info

Server Description

In cooperation with WarFear Esports, Rust Server is now WarFear x3, a small modded server only with a few plugins to increase the fast growth of enjoyable game Rust.

  1. x3 Resources and x3 stack on Primary resources like (stones, ores, etc.)
  2. No Kits (except VIP), No TPs.
  3. Friendly Community and friend to help new players introducing to Rust.
  4. Only small plugins like InfoPanel, and ResourceStack.

We have VIP kit. Help us mantain the server up and running!

Bonus VIP. Reddem kit once a day. 10€ per month.

  1. 15000 Resources – Stones
  2. 15000 Resources – Wood
  3. 5000 Resources – Sulfur
  4. 500 Resources – High Quality Metal Ore
  5. 2 Tool – Supply Signal
  6. 500 Resources – Gun Powder
  7. 1 Medical – Large Medkit
  8. 36 Ammunition – Pistol Bullet
  9. 1 Weapon – M92 Pistol
  10. 1 Tool – Jackhammer
  11. 1 Tool – Chainsaw

Server Information

Here you have the all details and all the information needed to join us on Rust. I will see you in-game player!

  1. [EU] WarFear x3 Max.5 Wipe 21.03
  3. Next Wipe 21.03 and Official Release.
  4. Get in-game rewards by register on this website and send a comment on the contact page.
  5. Search for admin’s Apach or WolfGanGvanWolf in-game if you have any question.